Disputes and Commercial Litigation

Disputes will always impact on a business as they create uncertainty, generate conflict and take key people away from their usual activities. Disputes often cost time and money and the longer a dispute goes on the more it will cost.

Litigation is not the only way to deal with a dispute and mediations, arbitrations and expert determinations can achieve an early resolution.

The key to managing a dispute is a clear strategy with identified desirable outcomes. We will work with you to ensure that you achieve the right outcome with minimum disruption to your business whilst the cost of a dispute is a key factor we consider when we develop a resolution strategy.

We will work with your senior people at the earliest stages to understand all facets of your business and your objectives in the dispute. We focus on outcomes not barriers. We deal with all issues that effect the relationship between the parties in dispute, not just the issues that have caused the dispute.

We will map a pathway to the solution and estimated time for completion, which is set out in initial written advice. This will identify key milestones, timing issues and the tasks required to reach them.

Early in the process we will also provide a written budget for the project and review it regularly with you.

We then use our expertise to attain a swift and efficient conclusion, either through an appropriate type of alternative dispute resolution, or by litigation. We will ensure you have robust representation and we will aggressively enforce your rights where a dispute cannot be resolved.

Our clients

We act for financiers, statutory bodies, insurers, transport and logistics companies, builders, sub-contractors, suppliers, directors and other professionals around Australia, in all types of commercial disputes.

Most of our work in commercial disputes is for long standing clients for whom we are trusted advisers with extensive knowledge of their businesses.

Our team

Our lead practitioners all have around 20 years experience, and unlike major law firms, you will always have access to them as needed.

Our lawyers have developed their expertise in major firms or specialised practices, and can meet the major firms head-on in a dispute, in any Court or in arbitration, expert determination, references out or mediation.

We can assemble the best combination of practitioners, support staff, independent expert witnesses and Counsel to work on your matter in a timely and cost-effective way.

We regularly assist clients with disputes which involve:

  • Contractual breaches, Corporations Act liability and Equitable remedies, including urgent injunctions
  • Duties of directors and officers
  • Competition and consumer law
  • Professional negligence and claims made insurance policies
  • Recovery of assets and enforcement of securities
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Restraint of trade disputes
  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvent trading transactions

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