When you are taking the first step in your career or are looking for a change, weighing up your options can be difficult. The information you receive from most law firms sounds so similar and there are so many promises. There are however a few simple truths. Working as a lawyer is not easy. The work is challenging and at times deadlines will mean that you work long hours. You will have a performance target and your rewards are inevitably linked to performance. Most importantly we all need to be challenged and feel that we have achieved.

Law firms need lawyers that communicate effectively and are great with clients.

You have seen the buzz words: “Innovation”, “dynamic”, “collaborative effort” “team players” “excellence”. Yes like the others we want the best with all the skills and attributes that come with an exceptional lawyer. However our pitch is simple. You will be spending a lot of time with the people that you work with and you must enjoy your work. Spend some time looking at our website and the people that are Gillis Delaney. Get a feel for the people that you will work with and the work that we do. Then give us a call or pop in and see us to make sure that your instincts are right and Gillis Delaney is the place for you.

What We Offer

Our culture is very important to us and so is a balance between working hard and having time to relax and learn from others. We invest in our people and recognise that it takes a diverse range of individuals to make up a law firm that is truly different and we all have different needs.

Work / Life Balance. We work hard and achieve great results but most of all we enjoy our work. Inevitably, there are some long days but we need you to be sharp at all times and down time is important. You won’t build up a bank of holidays with us as we need you to enjoy your breaks and come back refreshed. You will have time to spend with your colleagues getting to know them rather than just working with them. We want you to enjoy your time at work and we do not want you to burn the midnight oil. When the job is done there is no need to hang around to impress. We want you to be happy and we will challenge you but you will have plenty of time to learn and grow in your career.

Quality Work. It’s not all about billings and money. We believe it is important to keep you challenged with interesting work. We have a strong client base with challenging work and we are continually growing and all of our lawyers have the opportunity to work on challenging matters. We strive to expose all of our lawyers to our clients as soon as possible.

Training and education. It is simple. We have an open door policy and a collaborative approach to work. You will be involved with clients from the beginning. We ensure that we have the right people for the job and that you are given the opportunity to work with our clients. You will participate in regular professional developments days, marketing strategy meetings and face to face training. When you look at our website, you will see that we are committed to providing information on issues that impact on our work and you will play an important role in disseminating that information. You will be working with experts who enjoy sharing experiences and sharing their knowledge.

A career at Gillis Delaney will challenge you and we believe reward you for the time you invest in your career.

If you would like to find out more about us feel free to contact us.