Abuse Law

According to the Australian Human Rights Commission, we all have a right to feel safe and to be treated with dignity – to be free from violence and abuse. 

We know that this ideal, which is so obvious that it almost seems absurd stating it as a human right, is not everyone’s reality. Abuse manifests in many forms. It could be that someone verbally harassed you. Or your needs could have been neglected. Someone could have hit or slapped you or overmedicated you to restrain you. You could have suffered sexual abuse.

No Win No Fee

Do not let the idea of crushing legal fees prevent you from making a claim – speak to us first!

In many of our cases we work on a no-win-no-fee basis, collecting our fees only after your matter has been settled. We will do an assessment and let you know where you stand right from the start. Should anything change in the course of your matter, we will let you know immediately. Click below to find out more about our no win no fee terms.

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You are entitled to help and, even though this could never free you from the pain and trauma caused by abuse, you may be eligible for compensation.

If you have suffered abuse and want to know and exercise your legal rights, Gillis Delaney will provide you with advice – tactfully and discreetly.

What is abuse law?

Abuse law can mean more than one thing, but mostly it is the process of getting compensation and redress for the harm that has been caused by abuse.

There are various government schemes which provide victims of abuse with financial compensation. In addition, those who have failed to take reasonable care and have permitted sexual abuse to occur under their watch can be held liable for the harm which has been caused and compensation.

Where abuse has caused injury there are various avenues open to the victim which include;

  • Redress claims under the Commonwealth scheme for sexual abuse victims
  • Damages claims against abusers and those responsible for the actions of the
  • Workers compensation claims where the abuse occurs in the course of employment

What you are entitled to

If you make a successful civil damages claim, you will be compensated for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income including loss of superannuation and future wage loss
  • Costs for medical treatment and counselling
  • Future treatment costs
  • Necessary domestic assistance
  • Rehabilitation costs

If appropriate, you are also entitled to an apology from the responsible person or institution. 

How we can help

Whether you suffered abuse at the hands of someone working in an institution run by state, church, a school, a club, or at your workplace, we have experience dealing with all scenarios. 

Over many years we have learnt the importance of creating a safe space within which you can share your story. It is the only way to get to know you properly so we can act in your best interest.

For many clients, the ideal outcome in these types of cases would be an out-of-court settlement. But in some cases it is necessary to go to court to achieve the best result. We will do our best to act according to your wishes and in your best interest.

Abuse law circumstances process

  1. Contact us with a brief explanation of your claim.
  2. Collate all relevant documents and speak to one of our expert lawyers who will explain the law and all your options.
  3. We gather evidence and talk to all parties involved.
  4. You are referred to an independent doctor.
  5. We try settle your claim – this happens mostly through liaising with the other party’s insurance provider.
  6. If a settlement is not reached, we take the matter to court.
  7. If you receive compensation, we get this to you as quickly as we can.

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