Superannuation and Disability Insurance

Often, there are insurance benefits attached to your superannuation fund that enables you to claim if you cannot work because of an injury or illness. 

Some people buy separate insurance to cover them for all the eventualities of life.

Whichever way you came by your cover, we can help you access your benefits. You should have a chat with us, even if you already receive workers compensation, vehicle injury compensation or a Centrelink Disability Support Pension. Sickness and disability benefits including weekly payments for partial and total disability can in some circumstances be payable in addition to other claims for compensation.

No Win No Fee

Do not let the idea of crushing legal fees prevent you from making a claim – speak to us first!

In many of our cases we work on a no-win-no-fee basis, collecting our fees only after your matter has been settled. We will do an assessment and let you know where you stand right from the start. Should anything change in the course of your matter, we will let you know immediately. Click below to find out more about our no win no fee terms.

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What you are entitled to

The type of cover you might have through your super or other insurance include:

Total and permanent disability cover 

To get these benefits, you would have to show that you can no longer do your job or any other job that fits with your education, training and experience.

Income protection 

This is a regular payment of about 75% of your income while you cannot work. It is usually paid for two or five years, or until you reach the age of 65. Your benefit could be reduced if you receive other income. This could happen when, for example you start working part-time or doing a job that pays less, or if you receive workers compensation or Centrelink benefits.  

Trauma Insurance

This is usually lump sum cover for certain specified conditions such as cancer, strokes and heart attacks.

How we can help

We will find out how much cover you have and manage your claim for you. We will deal with all the parties that could be involved in the claim, from insurers and doctors to the tax office and Centrelink.

Gillis Delaney are experts at helping clients whose initial claims have been refused. This happens commonly because of non-disclosure, insurance fraud, or pre-existing conditions. In these circumstances lodging a dispute with your insurer is usually the way forward, but sometimes it is necessary to go Court.

You can rest assured that we will always be honest about your prospects and willing to do whatever is necessary to make sure you get what you are entitled to under a legitimate claim. 

Speak with one of our Superannuation and Disability Insurance experts today!