Stress, Bullying and Harassment Claims

Work can be stressful. Your day-to-day tasks can get you down. Accommodating reasonable requests for flexible work arrangements should not be that hard, should they?

In these difficult times, where COVID-19 has changed the way we work, we are more aware of how our relationships with managers and co-workers impact our mental health. We are all now acutely aware that being poorly treated at work could lead to intolerable stress and time off.

Gillis Delaney will guide you, stand up for your rights, and get proper compensation for poor treatment at work.

Statutory Entitlements – No Fee

In NSW investigation costs, medical report fees and legal costs for claims by injured workers are covered by a NSW Government funded scheme. We do not charge you for statutory claims and there is no cost to you. We will secure government funding for your claim.

Work Injury Damages – No Win No Fee

In many of our cases we work on a no-win-no-fee basis, collecting our fees only after your matter has been settled. We will do an assessment and let you know where you stand right from the start. Should anything change in the course of your matter, we will let you know immediately. Click below to find out more about our no win no fee terms.

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What are stress claims?

If someone you work with have caused you psychological harm, necessitating you to take time off and consult with doctors, you could very well be entitled to compensation.

Bullying. Discrimination. Sexual harassment. These are all catchcries for the ways in which workers can be treated poorly. Stress claims can arise from all sorts of things that go wrong at work. Being overworked, underappreciated and subjected to unreasonable performance management can cause significant injury and result in lost time at work. We all know that performance management is stressful, even where it is perfectly justified. But you still have the right to expect your employer to always act reasonably. If you think your employer has overstepped the mark, contact us to find out exactly what your employer can and cannot do. 

What you are entitled to

You have employment rights and compensation rights. 

One such right is that your tasks should be adapted to take into account any injury you might have suffered. Another is that you should be able to keep your job while you recover from any injury. We will help you take the necessary action to enforce your rights.

If you have been bullied, harassed or victimised and have suffered mental harm, you will be entitled to compensation. How much you can claim will depend on the severity of your injury and could include the following:

  • Weekly compensation benefits
  • Treatment costs including counselling and medication costs
  • Rehabilitation and retraining costs
  • Compensation for domestic assistance
  • Compensation for permanent impairment
  • Damages to compensate you for lost wages and your future losses

You may also be entitled to damages where your employer has failed to take reasonable care in performance management or dealing with bullying, harassment and victimisation. However, your psychological injury and the extent of the impairment caused will govern whether you can bring a damages claim and a deep understanding of the way psychological impairments are assessed is one of the keys to a successful damages claim.

How we can help

To get the compensation and damages you deserve, you need to speak up. We know that this does not come naturally for everyone and that is where we will step in. Gillis Delaney will be your voice.

We have been involved in workplace claims for more than 40 years and have helped many people, just like you, get the maximum possible compensation.

Our holistic approach, which is based on getting to know our clients, means we listen to you and work together to explore all your workplace rights and entitlements.

We will help you fill in forms, liaise with your employer and insurers, and commence compensation and damages proceedings where necessary.

You should not have to tolerate bad behaviour that causes mental harm. Your health and your job should not be put at risk.

What next?

The first step is to get in touch with us. This will not cost you anything but your time. Give us a call or send us an email and one of our team will contact you. We can chat over Zoom or you are welcome to make an appointment if you would like to drop in and see us.

The next important thing is getting your papers together. These include: 

  1. any employment letters or agreements; 
  2. medical certificates; 
  3. compensation claims you have lodged; and 
  4. emails and correspondence with employers and insurers. 

We are here to guide you through the maze of legislation and processes that govern compensation claims and damages actions from stress at work.

Stress claims are isolating and you should take the first step to protect your rights and get proper compensation as quickly as you can. Get in touch with us or call one of our team:

Speak with one of our Stress, Bullying and Harassment Claims experts today!